The payment can be settled by:

  1. Wire transfer, also called cable transfer can be done at almost all banks. What you need to do is to go to a bank and fill in a form to provide the bank with our account information, which will be provided to you beforehand by us. Then the bank staff will do the rest, and remit the payment to us. The most important thing is to fill in the form carefully following our information and the form's instructions. If you have any questions about this you may ask the bank clerk.  We accept all banks, personal and company wire transfer via your bank. Please be advised that it takes about 5-10 working days to cash your wire bank transfer. If you want to confirm an urgent transfer-paid booking with us, please consult with us in advance to make sure that we will have time to make all reservations for you in time.
  2. Electronic bank transfers.
  3. Cash upon arrival or departure.
  4. Credit  Card.
  5. PayPal.

For further information, please do not be hesitated to contact us.