Once you read KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond on the internet, and you feel interested in the information, to get further information, please do not be hesitated to e-mail us. We will reply you within 24 hours.


KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond is the business brand under CV. Excellent Tours and Travel Senggigi Lombok Indonesia.

Scheduled Trip and Private Trip

Sheduled trip is the programmed boat trip with the scheduled departure dates and fixed itinerary either from Bangsal harbor in North Lombok or from Labuan Bajo Flores in group sharing base. Private trip is the own arrangement boat trip with free departure, private boat, own itinerary and activity onboard or ashore for family, student travel, naturalist group or other interested parties.    


All participants stay mostly in small hotels, guest houses, and inns. Accommodation when traveling to Komodo National Park by boat is on board. When traveling Lombok and Flores, accommodation based on beach bungalows, small hotels, guest houses, or inns.  The accommodations vary from one island to another island, but in all cases the accommodations will usually be owned and operated by local people, and are either included or excluded in the packages which will be stipulated during the correspondence.

Food and Drink

You will receive daily breakfast and refreshment en route, except other has been stipulated during the correspondence. Komodo Adventure and Beyond Tour’s guides will recommend restaurants for your lunch and dinner. Every place has its own specialties, hence KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond recommends you to taste the local food and drink. Alcoholic beverage is not common in public area, small shop, or in the market. You can have it in the restaurant. Many mineral water with different marks are available, however in some expedition areas, bottled-mineral water is hard to find, so KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond recommends you to bring the bottled-mineral water.

Tour Guides

KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond employs local guides from each island. They know well in and out of the destination in question, and also knowledgeable about spots not on the map or sites well off the beaten tourist trail, however they are vary in character and performance from one island to another island. Whatever your question is, please do not be hesitated to contact him. Every guide has cell phone and do not forget to write down his numbers.


KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond will use mostly the private vehicle to transport his clients, except other has been stipulated during the correspondence. Transport to Komodo National Park from Labuan Bajo Flores will be based on private motorized-boat with cabin or without cabin.

Flight and Airlines Tickets

The domestic flight seat availability to Flores is limited, so we recommend you to book the flight in advance. KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond can assist to booking the seat for you through our online reservation system.


To avoid hassle prior to your departure from your country of origin, initial deposit of 50% off the total payment is required before your arrival date to the address that will be given to you during the correspondence. The deposit settled in Electronic Transfer in IDR, Euro, American Dollars, Australian Dollars, or Singapore Dollars. The balance must be settled when you arrive in Lombok or in Labuan Bajo in cash.

Cancellation and Refund

No cancellation fee will be applied on boat trip and land arrangement costs if the cancellation is made 48 hours prior to the departure. But 25% cancellation fee will be applied within the 24 hours prior to departure on in case of no show. No partial refunds are possible for unused meals, hotels, sightseeing, etc.. If your airline tickets were purchased through KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond, you will receive refund which is allowable by the airline.

Trip Cancellation

KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond reserves the right to cancel any trip prior to departure for any reason whatsoever, including insufficient participants or logistical problems such as natural disasters or uncontrollable condition, war, strikes, etc. beyond KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond’s control. In this case, a full refund of the land and sea cost shall release KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond from any further liability. KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond is not responsible for expenses incurred by the trip participants in preparing for the trip such as the non-refundable air tickets, visa cost, etc..

Medical Information

Participation in KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond requires that you are in good health. Hospital facilities for serious medical problems are unavailable in Flores, Komodo, and Rinca. The evacuation will be prolonged, difficult and expensive; therefore a travel and extra medical insurance purchased from your country of origin are necessary.  KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond assumes no liability regarding the provision of the medical care.

Limitation of Liability

KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond gives notice that some services provided in connection with its itineraries, including transportation, hotel, accommodation, and other services are purchased from various independent suppliers who are not affiliated with KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond in any way. Although it endeavors to choose the best suppliers available, KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond has no right to control their operations and therefore makes these travel arrangements upon the express condition that KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond shall not be liable for any delay, mishap, inconvenience, expense, irregularity, bodily injury or death to person or damage to property occasioned through the conduct or default of any company or individual engaged in providing these services. Each of these passenger conveyance companies, hotels, accommodations, restaurants, etc. is subject to the laws of Indonesia.

KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond shall not be liable for:

  1. Expenses such as additional hotel nights and meals not specified in the itineraries that may be required either en route, prior to following a trip, when caused by individual’s travel arrangements, by airline.  scheduling changes, canceled flights, miss flight connections, or by other factors beyond KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond’s  control,
  2. Expenses incurred in recovering luggage lost by the airlines, belongings left behind on a trip, or in shipping purchases home from abroad,
  3. Bodily injury or property damage for any reason beyond KOMODO ADVENTURES and Beyond’s  control.