Traveling to Komodo National Park by boat, and to Flores Island is different from traveling in Bali or in Lombok because to make the travel especially the adventure convenient we always need a travel agency to help us to arrange our travel as we wish, except we are a solo traveler whose much free time to adventure.  Below are the logical reasons why we must arrange our travel in advance:  

  1. Boat trip to Komodo National Park and Flores from The Gili Islands Bangsal Harbor, and from Labuan Bajo Flores needs a logistic preparation.
  2. Flores is the island with six airports but not all the airport has hotel, taxi, or travel agent counter, even in the airport of Labuhan Bajo, the most well-organized airport of the island. Imagine when you arrive at the airport, you have none to welcome you, and you will not see any hospitality counter that will offer you travel services as you expect. What a miserable adventure.
  3. The availability of the transport is limited, and it’s not easy to find rental transport services especially in the high season. 
  4. The availability of the guide is limited. 
  5. The shuttle service rallies from Labuhan Bajo to Maumere (and VV) with some stops along the Trans-Flores road, the shuttle service does not go to the tourist destinations.  The shuttle service is not the same as the shuttle service in Bali or Lombok.
  6. Some travel arrangements need the time for logistic and the personnel preparation such as the soft and hard trekking, and the trip to Komodo National Park.  


Traveling alone in Flores will give you different experiences, from the exciting experiences to the possibly worst ones. Once you decided to travel alone from one place to other places in Flores, you must be ready with all possible experiences including the difficult travel, tour, and transport arrangements, the communication difficulty, the different custom when visiting certain traditional villages, etc.. However if you are an adventurer and feel confident to try new experience in Flores, go and do it.

Tour, Hotel and Taxi Counter     

You will not find any counter  at all airport  in Flores that offers  you tours, trekking programs, hotels, and taxi service, except the drivers awaiting at the arrival gate who will usually offer you taxi-like  transport service. Upon your arrival, you will soon start your adventure struggling hard to negotiate the fares. The drivers will function also as guides.  Hopefully you are lucky, and you can soon get the deal.

To avoid this hassle, the arrangements are necessary to do in advance because traveling in Flores is not like traveling in Bali or Lombok where we can find the guide, transport, the tours, and get the necessary information easily. When traveling alone, it is almost impossible to get the detailed information and the arrangement easily on what you wish to do. However if you can speak English, the arrangement is rather easy to do directly, but normally it needs time, and surely you will loose much time and energy. This direct arrangement is not recommended for travelers whose limited time and poor English comprehension, as well as for those who wish to travel conveniently.

Public Transportation    

Public transport such as bemo, bus, and shuttle service are also available in Flores which rallies along Flores’s main road from East Flores to west Flores. When taking the public transport you must always be alert with every destination you are going to; however using public transport is not a smart idea if you want to do many activities because most of the interesting places are not within the reach of the public transport. To continue your trip to the interesting places, you have to struggle again to find the transport, the tour guide, and the information.

Guide Book and Current Information   

Your guide book can be a nice friend during your trip, however to avoid hassle you should always check the information accuracy especially about the prices because in Flores as well as in Indonesia, the prices always increase regularly.   


Self driving is not a good idea when you are travelling in Flores. The road goes through the scenic mountains and hilly coast with many dangerous curves.  Though you are very skillful, it is better not to drive. Transport with driver is considered safe for you.

Vacation in Labuan Bajo West Flores   

Travelling alone around Labuhan Bajo and in the Gili Islands is possible. However, if you travel for snorkeling, or to visit the Komodo National Park, arrangement in advance is also necessary. In Labuhan Bajo, you can meet the people who can speak English easily.

Personal Experience by Mr. Sabaruddin    

On 9th November 2012, I met four French tourists at the airport of Bali who would travel to Maumere Flores. They wished to do trekking safari in some volcanic mountains, unfortunately they did not organize their travel in advance. I was in the same plane with them. Upon our arrival in Maumere, they were very confused because they did not see any taxi, hotel, or tour counter, the reality that they never expected before. I myself with my two friends from French had organized the trip in advance, so we did not have any trouble. As I had to leave for Moni, I did not forget to give my mobile phone numbers in case they needed my assistance. Oh…they needed my assistance. One time I spoke French with them and another time I spoke Bahasa Indonesia with the native who offered them the transport. 

When I stayed in Bajawa on 12th November 2012, I met them again at the same hotel. I helped them with the necessary information about the region of Bajawa and its curiosity.  Finally they told me that they lose much time and energy, and they got depressed when they arranged their trip directly in Flores. They did not do what they wished to do  (trekking safari, cultural visits, photo stops en route, etc.)..

Don’t lose your time and energy, and don’t get depressed while traveling Flores.  Organize your travel and vacation in advance with us.  

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